The Studio Series Poetry Reading & Open Mic June 11, 2023 (Sunday) @ 7:00 PM

The Studio Series Poetry Reading & Open Mic
June 11, 2023 (Sunday) @ 7:00 PM

Featuring Penelope Scambly Schott and Bill Siverly.

Penelope Scambly Schott moved to Oregon from the east coast 22 years ago and will never move back. After four arts grants in New Jersey she received an Oregon Book Award for Poetry. She now lives in the small wheat-growing town of Dufur (pop: 635) where she leads poetry workshops. Penelope and her husband have also hosted the White Dog Poetry Salon in Portland. Recent books include On Dufur Hill (2020) and Sophia and Mister Walter Whitman (2021), co-written with her equally enthusiastic and devoted dog, and her newest, Waving Fly Swatters at Angles (2022).


Bill Siverly was born and grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, and has lived in Portland since 1972. He holds a Master of Arts degree from San Francisco State University, and taught literature, composition, and creative writing at Portland Community College for twenty-five years. Bill has published seven books of poems: Parzival (1981), Phoenix Fire (1987), The Turn (2000), Clearwater Way (2009), Steptoe Butte (2013), Nightfall (2018), and Starry Night (2022).  From 2002 to 2022 he was co-editor with Michael McDowell of Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place, which featured poetry of the Pacific Northwest.


The Open Mic is open to all audience members. Participants can sign up before the start of the reading or during the break. In the interest of time, Open Mic readers are asked to limit their readings to three minutes.

The Ross Island Grocery and Café is a cozy space with capacity for 40 or so people. Tables are available, so people who arrive early can enjoy a light supper (i.e., a sandwich, salad or burger) while waiting for the reading to begin. If we run out of table space, folding chairs are available. A mic will enhance the readings. There is plenty of unrestricted parking on the streets around the Café. 

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