The second edition of this prize-winning anthology takes stock of the current situation in Fukushima ten years after the disaster in contributions by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Helen Caldicott, Fairewinds Energy Education founder Maggie Gundersen, and professor emerita Dr. Norma Field. Poems by 50 Japanese poets illustrate the disaster from a personal perspective. Truly an eye-opening read.

“Poetry speaks the language of the heart, and this is the language of peace and justice. One cannot read these poems without feeling the very real threat posed by the so-called “peaceful” uses of nuclear power.” 

~ David Krieger, President Emeritus, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

“This collection of poems is essential reading, as are the essays. I wept reading this book and you will too.”

~Melissa Tuckey, editor of Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology


 “The poems and essays featured in the book help us fathom the unfathomable and understand the injustice inherent in nuclear power from a deeply human perspective.”

~ Kelly Campbell, Executive Director, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility


The human health toll of environmental radiation exposure extends far beyond thyroid damage. Obfuscation of this truth constitutes an unforgiveable wrong against those of us irretrievably harmed by these exposures.”

~ Trisha T. Pritikin, The Hanford Plaintiffs: Voices from the Fight for Atomic Justice


“Reading the poems in Reverberations…helps me feel what the people living in Fukushima are feeling and fearing…. I think the plethora of scientific facts we publish can make peoples’ eyes glaze over and cause them to tune out. Poetry, art, film and stories that draw attention to the ‘human perspective’ touch people around the world in a way that technical information simply cannot.”

~ Maggie Gundersen, Founder, Fairewinds Energy Education