Masayuki Nemoto (1946- ) Born in Fukushima. Lives in Soma, Fukushima.

When did Fukushima become “Fukushima”?
Fukushima, which is written with Chinese characters meaning Lucky Island,
is now written in katakana.
I was born and raised in Fukushima.
In the place called Namiemachi in Futaba County.
It used to be a verdant town
with the sea and the mountains
and two beautiful rivers.
Why did we have to flee?
Answer me.
I liked Namiemachi.
I liked it more than anyone.
I went fishing when I was a child.
I caught birds.
I played in the mountains and the rivers.
I laid in the fields
and watched the floating clouds.
Everything was beautiful.
People had beautiful hearts.
They remained pure
even after they had grown up.
They had flowers for all four seasons,
and people were kindhearted.
My home, Namiemachi.
I must come back to this land
someday by all means.
Even if it means hobbling with a cane,
I must come back
to my home, Namiemachi.

Translated by Keiko Shimada