Book Launch: Life Revised by Leah Stenson


I am asking you, Dear Reader, to help me get the word out about my memoir Life Revised (Cirque Press, 2020).

As you can imagine, launching or promoting a book during a pandemic is reallydifficult! Readings, conferences and other literary events have all been canceled, so I am turning directly to you for help.

Life Revised (Cirque Press, 2020) may very well be the most important book I’ll ever write, and I want to promote this book. I hope you will help me by posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads!

If you purchase the Kindle edition of Life Revised and write a short review on Amazon or Goodreads (a sentence or two will do), I will gladly send you a paperback copy of the book for free—suitable for gifting, or inscribed if you wish—and I’ll pay postage. All you have to do is post your review and email me your address for snail mailing.

About the book:

Life Revised, a hybrid memoir comprised of poetry, prose and images, tells the story of a family suicide, including the secrecy and lies that compounded the tragedy, and the search for meaning and healing. In a world where suicide is relentlessly on the increase, the need for open honest communication surrounding suicide has never been greater. LifeRevised offers that openness and honesty as well as insight into resilience of the human spirit.

I really hope you’ll help me launch Life Revised by posting your review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Your support is deeply appreciated.

Leah Stenson
Portland, Oregon 2020

For inquiries and permissions, please email me.

Leah Stenson