Leah organizes and hosts a monthly poetry reading & open mic at
Stonehenge Studios in Portland’s historic Lair Hill neighborhood.

Where: Stonehenge Studios
3508 SW Corbett Ave.,
Portland, Oregon 97239

When: the second Sunday of every month. Featured readers at 7pm; open mic at 8pm.

For more information, please contact:

Leah Stenson: (leahstenson_at_comcast_dot_net)
Stonehenge Studios: 503-224-3640


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Past Featured Readers:

November 2017: Tavern Books
October 2017: Tricia Knoll and Amanda Turner
September 2017: Judith Arcana and “M”
August 2017: 
Christopher Luna, Toni Partington, and Tiffany Burba
July 2017: Amy MacLennan and Catherine McGuire
June 2017: Elizabeth Woody and Judy Rowe Michaels
May 2017: Kristin Berger and Kristin Roedell
April 2017:  There will be no Studio Series this month.
March 2017: John S. Williams and Anita Sullivan
February 2017: A. Molotkov and Tim Whistle
January 2017: Word Sisters: Maggie Chula, Donna Prinzmetal, Andrea Hollander, Joanna Rose, Suzanne Sigafoos and Penelope Scambly Schott
December 2016: Dan Raphael and Jennifer Coleman
November 2016:
Wendy Chin-Tanner and Endi Bogue Hartigan
October 2016: Ellen Waterston and Jennifer Richter
September 2016: 
David Oates and Rachel Barton
August 2016: Scot Siegel and Steve Williams
July 2016: John Brehm and Justin Rigamonte
June 2016: John Witte and Maxine Scates
May 2016: Wayne Lee and Alice Rose Lee
April 2016: Tom Hogan and Joseph Soldati
March 2016: Judith Barrington and Lex Runciman
February 2016: Deb Akers and Darlene Pagan
January 2016: Emily Carr and Carl Adamshick
December 2015: 
Peter Sears, Alison Tobey, and Caitlin Scott
November 2015: Voicecatcher
October 2015:
 Scot Siegel and Carolyn Martin
September 2015: Quinton Hallett and Sharon Munson
August 2015: Joseph Green and Stephen Cushman
July 2015: Poets from Sisters, an anthology edited by Liz Nakazawa
June 2015:  Heather Bourbeau and Elizabeth Gray
May 2015:
Cindy Williams Gutierrez, Nelda Reyes, and Gerardo Calderon
April 2015:
Donna Prinzmetal and Marilyn Stablein
March 2015: Elizabeth McLagan, Timothy Shaner, and Karen McPherson
February 2015: Mary Szybist and Heather Hodges
January 2015: Peter Sears (Oregon Poet Laureate) will read the work of William Stafford and his own work.
December 2014: Shelley Reece, Shu-Ju Wong, and Emily Newberry
November 2014: Christopher Luna and Brittney Corrigan
October 2014: Laura LeHew and Annie Lighthart
September 2014: Bill Siverly and Jenny Root
August 2014: Turiya Autrey and Stephanie Adams-Santos
July 2014: Dawn Diez Willis and Carl Adamshick
June 2014: Poets from The Widows’ Handbook anthology
May 2014: Emily Carr and Zachary Schomburg
April 2014: Poets from the Motionless from the Iron Bridge anthology
March 2014: James Bertolino and Anita Boyle
January 2014: Susan Denning and Cecelia Hagen
December 2013: Carl Adamshick and Joanna Prahl-
November 2013: Henry Carlile and Karen Holmberg
October 2013: Ce Rosenow and Maggie Chula
September 2013: Rodger Moody and Judith Skillman
August 2013:Tony Hanner and Willa Schneberg
July 2013: VoiceCatcher
June 2013: Paulann Petersen and Kathleen Flenniken
May 2013: Alice Derry and Matt Schwartz
April 2013: Patty Wixon and Vince Wixoners
March 2013: Carlos Reyes and Jodie Marion
February 2013: Penelope Scambly Schott and Judith Arcana
January 2013: Stafford Commemorative Reading – featuring Daniel Sperry
Dec. 2012: Dennis McBride and Dennis Bernstein
Nov. 2012: Scot Siegel and Steve Dieffenbacher
Oct. 2012: Ingrid Wendt and Ralph Salisbury
Sept. 2012: Clemens Starck and Charles Goodrich
Aug. 2012: Lisa Steinman and Elyse Fenton
July 2012: David Biespiel and Phil Meehan
June 2012: Vern Rutsala and Jim Shugrue
May 2012: VoiceCatcher
April 2012: Peter Sears and Jane Greenbaum
March 2012: Andrea Budy and Carolyn Martin
February 2012: BT Shaw and Jennifer Richter
January 2012: Paul Merchant, Lars Nordstrom, and Cindy Gutierrez
December 2011: Valentine Freeman, plus music and poetry by John Sibley Williams,
A. Molotkov, David Cooke, Ragon Linde and Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk
November 2011: Don Colburn, Jon Seaman
October 2011: Bette Husted, John Williams
September 2011: David Abel, Sam Lohman
August 2011: Kirsten Rian, Matt Schumacher
July 2011: Donna Henderson, Stephanie Lenox
June 2011: Paul Merchant, Kelly Lenox
May 2011: Michele Glazer, Dave Jerecki
April 2011: Kathleen Halme, Wendy Willis
March 2011: A. Molotkov, dan raphael
February 2011: Sage Cohen, Jay Nebel
January 2011: Vox Spoken Word Chorus
December 2010: Henry Hughes, David Hargreaves
November 2010: John Morrison, Jessica Lamb
October 2010: Joe Soldati, Kate Gray
September 2010: Barbara Drake, Scot Siegel
August 2010: Lex Runciman, Joan Maiers
July 2010: Penelope Scambly Schott, Constance Hall
June 2010: Paulann Petersen, Carl Adamshick

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  1. rochelle cashdan

    My saludos (greetings) to Dennis McBride a dozen years after I moved to Central Mexico. And he might like to know I’m working on a cycle of poems about a contemporary Leda and the swan.

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